Importance Of Road Freight Transport in Australia Archive

The road freight transport industry is an important part of the overall economy of Australia. In fact, the road freight transport industry dominates the Australian non-bulk freight market, providing advantages in terms of superior reliability, competitive prices, convenience and speed. The non-bulk goods within the state and across the country are transported by the largest vehicles available on the market, competing with the rail freight, water freight and airfreight industries. According to the last year’s report, the road freight transport sector encompasses over 43,000 businesses, employs over 190,000 people and generates over 54 billion in revenue.

The road freight transport sector generates almost 80% of the revenue generated by the total freight transportation sector. The experts of transportation industry predict even further growth of about 5% over the following 5 years. This is because the strong exposure of the sector to retail and wholesale trade, construction, manufacturing and other sectors. Also, there is an increasing demand for “last mile” freight transport services, which means there is a high demand for light commercial vehicles and trucks for sale.

With the major growth of the road freight transport sector, it is expected the employment levels in the industry to increase at least by 2% through to 2016-17. One of the main indicators for the economic growth is the increased demand for road freight transport services and vehicles and trucks for sale. The major markets involved in the transport industry are diversified across the entire economy. This means that many businesses currently hold less stock and will hold less stock over the following years.

The most increase of the road freight transportation industry is expected in the eastern states in Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South West. Since these states are some of the largest ports in Australia (have a huge financial worth of imports/exports), it is expected these markets to be responsible for major changes in the road freight sector, such as increased demand for trucking services and trucks for sale.

It is highly important for Australians involved in the trucking business, regardless whether business owners or truck drivers, to understand the market size and important industry statistics. Every move owners make for the business is important, so they need to know the current market size, but also the potential growth of road freight transport and all trends. Buying trucks for sale that meet the current and future trends of the market is certainly a characteristic of a wise business owner/manager.

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